Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     Brain damage can be fatal or result in Mild or severe disability, Mental retardation , Seizures and paralysis.,  while spinal cord defects result in Paralysis , Incontinence and loss of sensation of various part of body.

        What a horrible situation for a mother after giving birth to a live new born , but having defects that too of Brain and Spinal Cord.
        Usually these defects can occur early or in late foetal development. Typical Symptoms after birth are Intellectual disability , Paralysis , Incontinence.
      The diagnosis can only be confirmed by CT Scan or MRI.
       Some defects can be repaired surgically , but Brain and Spinal Cord damage is permanent.
        Neural tube defects develops with in first week of pregnancy ., others such as Proencephaly and hydranencephaly develope late in pregnancy.
       Many of the Brain and spinal cord defects results in visible abnormality in the Head or Back.
Then only parents starts worrying and take the advice of doctors , but cost of treatment is beyond the middle class families, in contrast Chances of  Morbidity and Mortality, can not be ruled out.


Smt. Geeta Gaur said...

Dr.Raghav, I can understand the agony of all family members , I gave birth to such a new born. On treatment , we spent lac's of Rs. , but all in vain.
God wanted to punish me and I accepted the dividends and I lost him.
My wounds have become green., for a while.
A good article.

Govind Mirdha said...

Dr. Raghav , You will agree that such type of spinal cord defects are painful for the child as well as parents. I have seen a child of this type. Presentation of such cases in blogs, giving information is a awesome act.
I bow down my head and salute you.

Dr. Laxmi Saran Middha said...

Sir, I appreciate from bottom of my heart a nice blog full of information and collction of photographs.Neural Tube defects have well been explained. I have not seen such a blog in life.
God bless you

Dr. Manav Mishra said...

Dr. Raghav, well discribed information of congenital anomalies. awesome information for Students and faculty.
Thanking you sir.


dr.saheb achhooti jankari ke liye aapaka koti-2 aabhaar sir

Smt. Babita Kamra said...

Dr. Mukesh Raghav Ji , I am pregnant and after seeing this article and photos , I am little bit afraid of " can I get such a child " Plases aboloish my anxiety and oblige.