Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bilateral Hydrosalpinx

            A Hydrosalpinx is a distally blocked fallopian tube filled with serous or clear fluid . The blocked tube may become substantially distended giving the tube a retort like shape. The condition is often Bilateral and predisposing symptom is infertility.

       Symptom can vary from Abdominal pain, Pelvic pain and infertility. IUD’s , endometriosis and abdominal surgery are sometimes  associated with the problem .
          As a reaction to injury, the body rushes inflammatory cells into the area, and inflammation and later healing result in loss of the fimbria and closure of the tube. These infections usually affect both fallopian tubes, and although a hydrosalpinx can be one-sided, the other tube on the opposite side is often abnormal. By the time it is detected, the tubal fluid usually is sterile, and does not contain an active infection. The diagnosis can be done by Ultra sonography , HSG and laparoscopy .
             As PID is the major cause of hydrosalpinx formation, steps to reduce sexually transmitted disease will reduce hydrosalpinx. Also, as hydrosalpinx is a sequel to a pelvic infection, adequate and early  antibiotic treatment of a pelvic infection .

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Dr. Toolika Sharma said...

Hydrosalpinx that too bilateral usually , patient suffers from Infertility. My wife suffered a lot and as per Docs the diagnosis was very difficult. Very nice article DR. RAGHAV.